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Bruce Lee
By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #110

This game has just got to be a money-spinner for US Gold. Bruce Lee has to visit 20 secret sealed chambers searching for the Wizard and his secret of immortality. Starting at the entrance, he jumps to collect lanterns on the various levels of the screen before collecting those in two adjacent rooms. Then he can move down from the entrance into another set of screens, collecting more lanterns and avoiding electrical discharges between ledges, pan lights streaming across the floor and suddenly appearing exploding bushes.

Bruce is attacked by the Ninja waving broken sticks and the very dangerous Green Yamo delivering crushing kicks. Bruce can kick and chop while ducking and running away to foil attempts to harm him. The Yamo survives only three blows but the Ninja only two.

To move around each room he climbs vines, rides on waves of particles, which change direction without warning, and jumps from ledge to ledge. On reaching the end of the lower screens and the secret, it's back to the start - assuming that he successfully avoids the Wizard's fireballs and manages to destroy him.

One or two players can play, either against each other or against the computer, scoring points for lanterns collected, each successful chop or kick delivered, entering a new room, knocking out attackers, destroying the Wizard and landing on attackers. At 40,000 points, and each 30,000 after that, an extra Bruce Lee arrives.

Graphics, animation, sound and movement make it a superb program.


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