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Home Computing Weekly

Fun To Learn 6-12
By Shards
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #75

An invitation to enter your name precedes Menu offering games, option to change screen writing speed, user's name and see total score.

Count has a number of letters which you must count. Correct answers play a short tune but wrong answers bring a deep tune and some comment, followed by replay option or return to Menu.

Mixer, a word recognition game, allows you or the computer to choose anagrams. One-letter can be requested, which lessens the score. It's a shame upper case is used.

Calculation is where numbers up to four figures entered by the player are calculated by the computer offering the four rules - unfortunately not in scholastic vertical format.

Starship is a form of Hangman, where an alien zaps a building with every mistake, or your spaceship when you fail, while the ship zaps an alien if you are correct.

Codebreaker allows decoding or coding of a word with one of three codes on screen (or your made-up one) or the computer codes or decodes it for you.

Large redefined character set is used throughout.


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