Home Computing Weekly

Death Star

Author: T.W.
Publisher: Amazing Games
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #73

A very simple loading screen leads to the options of keyboard, Kempston, Interface 2 interfaces or cursor joystick. This basic game doesn't stand up against others and doesn't make use of the Spectrum's potential in sound, colour or graphics.

The insert announces that you are plunged into the outer sector of the Deathstar. Flying through the trench you must destroy all the alien craft coming at you before passing through a force wall to reach the next sector.

Finally you must score a direct hit on the reactor core on Sector 0 and destroy the Imperial Deathstar, saving rebels on the fourth moon of Yavin. You're warned that 3D effect extends to lasers, so hitting the enemy requires skill.

How misleading - the screen consists of a smallish diamond with a cross at the base which Z, X, 0 and O move around. The aliens take some time to be removed (if ever!) while the trench isn't realistic and I kept hitting the wall.

A flat, boring game that would have done well on a ZX81.


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