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The Magic Shop
By Arrow
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

At last - a breakthrough in home education!

With a story book, story tape, parents' book, overlay and computer program, this comprehensive package brings learning for the under-eights right into the Eighties.

Parent and child follow the story, while listening to Tori Arthur reading it. Then the program offers activities: buying ingredients, giving change or making spells. The selected activity, say "buying ingredients", states which side of the overlay to use, then five number lines 30p long appear, with magician, his cauldron over a fire and a purse of change above.

The child buys the ingredients above the number line, counting how much it costs. Using the coloured overlay, coin keys are pressed - with rubout key available. If wrong, the magician shows how it should be done with large letters, using upper and lower case.

The child will eventually be able to operate the program on its own. The parent's guide finished with Away from the Computer Practice to reinforce what has been learnt!

I cannot praise this program highly enough - try it with your child!


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