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Home Computing Weekly

Active Computer Learning
By Express Marketing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

A program with a difference. It's interactive and sets out to teach you about the computer, its uses and its future, with tests at the end of each of 11 sections. At the back of the manual is a course test record sheet for the codes and scores that appear at the end of the exercises to send off to ACL. A certificate will be sent, framed if £4.99 is enclosed!

Will this program be more successful than a book? I feel it could have made better use of the graphics and sound facilities that a 48K Spectrum offers, and not relied upon putting information across by using masses of words printed on screen using ordinary Sinclair type.

With the many aids now available to programmers, larger type, fewer words and more diagrams are possible. The offered game of Space Invaders gives no chance of a second go, and answers are not put into blanks in exercises.

Any why must programmers imagine that educational programs need correct answers entered before the next question can be asked? I liked the basic idea and use of the space bar to move to the next screen.


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