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French Verbs
By L'Ensouleiado
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

A simply designed revision program for 'O' or 'A' level French, which can also be used for regular practice during earlier learning stages. More than 40 verbs are tested in groups of 20 questions.

Imaginative display hasn't been a top priority in this program, but educationally it is the tops. Graphics mode gives certain keys defined to give the necessary accented vowels.

Firstly, the menu offers choice of tense, etc and gives you the choice of five or three attempts and whether or not you would like a short French tune played when a correct response is made.

The questions start: correct responses are awarded five points and incorrect ones are permitted the number of tries requested. If the last attempt is wrong, you are shown the correct response - hence the value as a practice aid throughout the French course. I raised my score, which appeared at the end, from 55% to 75% - and it's more than 25 years since I learnt French!

A valuable teaching aid, and an asset to any French department.


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