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Home Computing Weekly

Killer Knight
By Phipps Associates
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

A poor version of Krazy Kong, this program loaded correctly once in four tries. The other times it left out the man to play with, making it a pointless exercise. When it did run the first screen was never conquered, so further screens were not seen, though a young friend says they exist and that the obstacles do become more difficult.

Full instructions appeared after part of the program had been loaded and were not available again. The loading screen of a coloured Black Knight riding towards a castle surpassed in quality the graphics used in the game. Other than to score points, the object is to reach the top of the screen in order to rescue your companion, who has been captured by the Killer Knight after you have both been transported back in time. He throws cannon balls, without moving, to prevent you climbing ladders, jumping holes and walking along. An umbrella can be used once, when jumping, if picked up before climbing the first ladder. The player has four lievs, but even so I could not reach higher than the fourth floor - far less a higher screen.


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