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Home Computing Weekly

Monkey Bizness
By Artic Computing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #52

King Kong walks - or throws things - again to ensure you cannot rescue the princess from the top of a scaffolding structure. To reach her, you climb ladders while avoiding the burning barrels thrown by Kong. They can only be smashed by hammers found on the way up. Unfortunately, they prevent you from climbing ladders and jumping barrels, and can only smash an unspecified number. When hit, you lose one of your four lives, and umbrellas can be used to jump safely to earth.

When you reach the top of the first screen, the second starts as straightforward as the last. But the following six become more difficult; with stairs to be jumped, long jumps, flying barrels, showering barrels, disappearing and reappearing barrels and finally a requirement to knock out seven weak points in the scaffolding.

There is no hall of fame, the level numbers do not appear on screen and Kong looks like a Teddy Bear! Barrels smashed and levels completed add to the displayed score.

This reasonably addictive game has not used the sound potential beyond "beeps" and "boops" and the graphics are only at a basic level.


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