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Bored Of The Rings
By G. I. Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #111

Tongue in cheek, is this Bored or Bawd of the Rings? Someone had the rights to Lord of the Rings so Delta 4 has produced a full-scale comedy - or parody - quest based on it. Taking place in Western Middle Earth and the Shire, the home of the disgusting little Boggits.

Fordo Faggins, son of Bogo, is a feeble, fat, cowardly Boggit - a real hero! Fordo leaves a boozy party held on the field in a green tent to visit Fag End, where his Uncle and Gandalk are looking for a "dense lemming" to take the ring and destroy the black land of Dormer.

Screen top shows description of location and what is happening in redefined characters, with "What would Fordo do?" below that. Using 45 words in simple sentences you direct Fordo on his mission in this vast game which is in three parts with passwords given at the end of each part. In Bored of the Rings, written using Gilsoft's Quill and Illustrator, the jokes are like those found in college rag mags, with Fordo living in Prickhollow, travelling to the town of Whee, visiting the Wiffy mountains and hiding from a horse and rider who farts (don't let Fordo do that or he makes everyone explode).

Sceptical - part four - is a computer. magazine containing weird jokes, reviews on magazines, an on-going story, recipes, adverts, competition, and references to females - who are Judith, Stephanie Stronger and Catherine Erotokiss? Answers to reviewer, please.


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