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Mighty Magus
By Quicksilva
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #110

Will you be the Mighty Magus in this perilous journey through 30 levels of the Rising Sun Temple, to have a final showdown with the deadly dragonlike Fraugy the Fierce?

After killing him you must return to the exit. The levels have piles of rubbish and chests - both worth searching - and many warlocks, wizards, and hideous monsters. These assorted meanies with varying strengths can be fought, have spells cast on them or be jumped upon. Your success depends upon relative strengths of the Meany and the Mighty Magus. You may only injure it - so reducing its strength - or it may reduce your strength by injuring you.

Certain parts of the floors have various effects when walked upon - you may be thrown backwards, teleported to another location, have arrows shot at you or spiked walls move in to crush you.

The introductory screen has a story and instructions scrolling in two lines right to left, leading to a screen offering options of redefining keys, colour on/off, instructions and start. There follows a 30-name hi-score table (can be SAVEd and LOADed) and finally the game starts at the temple door on level 30. Wall lights flicker, colour and graphics are superb, as is use of sound and scrolling. Screen right shows score, lives, power, magic, level and items held.

A yellow border means you've found the magic shield, which protects you from injury until the border goes blue.

An enjoyable, easy to understand game that just begs you to have another go.


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