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Alcatraz II - The Doomsday Mission
By Scorpio Gamesworld
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #110

Having just escaped from prison with some secret files of the enemy's deadly plans to destroy the world - the Doomsday plans - Harry needs to get them to the Allies over the sea by helicopter.

Unfortunately, between them and the prison fence are thick jungle, ordinary jungle, sea, watch towers and various problems, such as scorpion bites. Harry can collect diamonds in the jungle and food and tobacco from visiting the huts. As he wanders through the jungle seeking the helicopter, Harry meets other escaped convicts who give information - such as the name of the contact, Freddie Fingers - in exchange for goods.

The game starts by giving the story and then showing a map to be studied. before listing all the information Harry has to collect about direction to sail in, port to sail to, name of contact and code word. There are four skill levels, though level one was difficult enough for me, and keying 'S' gave status report. Huts can only be entered once and staying too long near a watch tower can lead to recapture.

The graphics are well designed and coloured, and movement is quite slick. There is no scrolling from one screen to another, just simple replacement, and a repeating of the small map from the start would have enhanced what is basically a good game with some excellent ideas. A nice story that is addictive and exceptional value for the low price.


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