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Home Computing Weekly

Maths Utilities Pack 2
By Solway Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #76

A non-teaching program which calculates solutions for triangles and regular polygons (Vol 3). To calculate the lengths of a triangle's sides, its area and size of each angle you must input information in one of five ways - lengths of all sides; two sides and included angle; two angles and a side; an angle, side and angle; and with a right-angled triangle the length of the hypotenuse and another side. There is an option for random triangles - which asks you to input a guess with no facility to enter it - and gives solutions as before to computer-generated figures.

Inputting the number of sides (up to 10,000+!) and either the length of side or centre to vertex length results in the calculation of area, internal and external angle.

The contents of Volume 6 are numerical integration (also in Pack 3) change of base and circular geometry. In the first, the integrand, number of intervals, upper and lower limits of integration are entered followed by the solution. Useful to programmers, change of base is from bases 2 to 9 and 16.

The last option calculates remaining parameters from angle subtended at centre, radius, chord length, segment length and sector area.


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