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Stuart Henry's Pop Quiz
By Bellflower
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #73

A pleasing tune accompanies the loading screen depicting Stuart Henry, the DJ who was struck down by multiple sclerosis. Part of the price goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

We have the choice of one- or two-player game and are invited to enter name(s). The colourful quiz screen appears, accompanied by a mystery tune. There is a scorebord - you have 60 bonus points at the start - musical stave with six missing notes, and question at the bottom.

There are 756 questions, covering pop from the sixties to the present. If you answer correctly 10 points are added to your score and you can choose a note from the mystery tune. Correct notes give 10 points, appear on the save and are sounded, whereas a wrong guess drops your bonus by 10 points. When your bonus runs out the game ends. When you complete the mystery tune, any bonus left is added to your score, before the next round with its harder, longer mystery tune.

A great program - making good use of the Spectrum's potential in graphics and sound.


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