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Home Computing Weekly

The Witch's Cauldron
By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #101

Wicked Witch Hazel has punished you by turning you into a toad, but has allowed you to keep your human mind in order to seek out spells and concoct potions to regain human form.

You are imprisoned in her lair on the island of Molvagn with evil Moctuper to guard you. This adventure has a vocabulary of 300 words and 100 different locations.

After death you can restart without reloading; hurray! The redesigned character set is very easy to read and each location is colourfully and clearly illustrated.

Starting on the couch in the Parlour, I managed to collect a sheet of music, gold ring, magic mirror, some soot - which turns you into a bat, eaten by Moctuper - read messages written in the dust and mirror and drink Whiskey. But it was all lrish to me, as I continually ended up in a mousehole - in a mousetrap, unable to answer the mouse's riddle, so he ate me!


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