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Lone Wolf 2 - Fire On The Water
By Five Ways Hutchinson
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #83

This is a user-friendly, role-play adventure set in medieval times, based on Dever and Chalk's Lone Wolf books. Screen edge looks like parchment displaying one of many locations in a half screen, instantly drawn, hi-res picture with a new style type giving information below and a wolf's head displaying book location numbers.

You, the sole surviving Kai Lord, having reached the King in Lone Wolf 1 with news of the destruction of the Kai by the Darklords, are ordered to retrieve the Sommersword.

First screen has you in the castle courtyard to fight an instructor developing your combat skill. Pressing keys makes your screen representation fight - the adventure starting when you lose.

Music precedes each fight - the winning of which increases your combat skill, while endurance recovers slowly unless a meal is eaten.

Darklords, flying on Kraans, hinder your attempts to find the sword. Options are displayed by pressing 1, while 9 chooses them - no words needed! Gold crowns and backpack items are collected as the game proceeds - though my trial version always stopped at Wreck Point.

From every point a fascinating, well-designed game.


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