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Home Computing Weekly

The House Of The Living Dead
By Phipps Associates
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

The instructions, of which only the last paragraph is really relevant, appear in an interesting type after the tape has run for a short time and are not accessible again. The scene is set by a noisy loading screen of running skeletons, flapping dragon-like bats and hands.

On each level, four parts of a cross must be taken to the centre of a maze, evading, on level one, a bat; on level two a skeleton and a bat; on level three, two bats and a skeleton; and on level four, two skeletons and a bat. If any other stories exist I have not the skill required to reach them, even with three lives!

Scoring is for every move, plus additions for making the crosses on the first three stories. Compatible with Kempston joystick, though the insert did not advertise this fact.

Not very addictive to the sophisticated gamesperson, its graphics and use of sound, though interesting, are not to present standards: though, when dying, the player dances a fascinating jig!


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