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Home Computing Weekly

By Games Workshop
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #111

Either the computer moves to another room or I'll give up watching TV, as two visitors playing this game caused noisy chaos to reign supreme.

For games players preferring to use brains and not just zap away, this is ideal. It doesn't contain 100 busy, flashing screens of monsters needing eliminating, but this game of magical combat does become addictive if you have human opponents - preferably more than one, playing from five to 30 minutes.

Combat between the wizards takes place in an arena, with each combatant taking turns to select and cast spells and move summoned creatures. The winner - the Lord of Creation - is the last wizard alive; though there's a limit to the number of game turns in which to achieve victory.

Screen one offers options of two to eight wizards and up to eight levels, while the next screen asks for character's name to be entered, whether computer controlled and which of eight illustrated characters and which colour. This is repeated for each player and the game starts with a menu offering examining spells, selecting spells, examine board and continue with game.

Each protagonist, in turn, selects a spell - which can produce an animal illusion - then move it and their character around the arena using Q, W, E, D, C, X, Z and A. If the opponent or a familiar is in range you're destroyed - if not, it's your turn.

With many players, you see a colourful screen full of wingflapping, hoof-stamping monsters.

Try something different for a change - you'll enjoy Chaos, I'm sure.


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