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Atlantis Adventure
By M&J
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #78

Another all-text adventure set on a desert island, producing using Gilsoft's "The Quill". You are the explorer James Parker who, after 30 years, finds a map showing the location of Atlantis. Landing on the island you are left by the crew and have to find the city in order to leave. You must eat and drink to survive and collect treasure to gain points.

There are 150 locations and 90 objects to eat, drink or carry, some giving extra points. A SAVE routine allows exit from game to replay later and three levels are offered, with 40 commands before death at the easiest.

In all, 200 words are contained in the vocabulary. There is no score on-screen and some of your instructions do not lead to a logical spot on the map - assuming you try to draw one. One would assume that two moves east, one south, two west and one north would return you to the same spot - no way.

Reaching the edge of the island does not take you into the briny, but last location repeats. At the end, score appears as a percentage.

Not as thrilling as some other adventure games around.


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