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Home Computing Weekly

Codename Mat
By Micromega
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #65

Is this the thinking man's arcade strategy game? Most certainly you need to have an exceptional memory and the ability to think quickly and the choice of being commander of planetary defence fleets or pilot, with the deployment of fleets under computer control. Twenty-one keys give control over direction, spped, firing of missiles, warp drive, defensive shields, computer tracking, displays and - one I found useful for checking the 1,300+ word insert (almost as many instructions as I had with my car) - hold!

A well-thought out and designed program, utilizing the Spectrum to its limit, which puts you into the cockpit of the battle-cruiser USS Centurian. Mat (Mission: Alien Termination) combines the tactical skills of all the planetary leaders in mankind's last hope against the final all-or-nothing Myon attack.

Similar in style to Timegate, this game requires much application to learn controls, strategies, stargates, keys and the meaning of the main display. Why can't I master it - or even shoot one Myon?


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