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Home Computing Weekly

The Epic
By Turtle Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #133

A bold attempt by Turtle Software to give value for money by putting six games onto one cassette. Reviewed in that light, the collection succeeds. But some of the individual programs are not up to present standards.

Game one, Aliquid Simplex, needs Professor Hilfe to collect pieces of his robot, Frankie, to reconnect them on a bed before an explosion, avoiding various pieces of equipment ast to screen 3, where I was stopped. I t has large animated sprite graphics, smooth movement, two channel simulated music, high score table, bonus points and extra lives.

Sprayrnania has three types of sprays intended to eliminate three different creatures plus a fourth to destroy T.N.T. This fast game has the spray colours and a bonus box at screen bottom and a hand spray that you move around the screen.

3D Blood Dungeon has a gory loading screen, surprise finish, four di fficulty levels, high score tables and time limit. You visit 48 rooms, killing the snake-like guardians in the rooms that match your vital force level, to rescue Pixel Rarntop from her ghastly fate.

Next is Snakes Alive, where the fast snake must find nine eggs in 48 locations; and One Man and His Job, a dodge and collect game, follows using nine screens to finally squash a hideous face.

The final game, The Moons of Tantalus, has three stages in getting a space freighter into orbit to shoot an enemy base.

You can't load a game separately, but have to load all first.


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