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Lone Wolf 1 - Flight From The Dark
By Five Ways Hutchinson
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #83

The instructions are simple and easily understood, the use of colour is imaginative and complements the detailed graphics, while the use of sound does not interfere with the progression through the adventure.

The character set has been redesigned in keeping with the medieval atmosphere and a wolf's head at screen right informs of the book location.

You are in the Kai monastery learning to become a Warrior Lord when the Darklords destroy everyone. You set off to the capital to warn the King - a dangerous mission, for the Darklords are cruel, giving no mercy.

The game starts with you acquiring combat skills in unarmed combat prior to setting off. Endurance is shown screen right and disappears during a fight. Options are keyed by 1 and acceptance by 9, other keys cause movement and so on. The locations are instantly drawn hi-res pictures with tolerable animation.

Combat skill can be increased by winning fights and gold crowns and backpack items are collected during the adventure.

Lone Wolf is also available with a book and overlay for £8.95.


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