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Home Computing Weekly

Red Riding Hood
By Arrow
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

Using the Five Ways of story book, story tape, parents' book, spectrum overlay and program, the aim is to teach the under sixes to recognise individual letters and words, stimulate language development, improve hand and eye co-ordination and prepare for first steps in reading.

To achieve this, four activities are used based upon matching pictures, colour, letters, pictures to words, three based on Snap and one producing words with pictures.

In Matching Pictures three pictures from the story appear to the left of a story character and one of them appears above the row, that can be keyed to move and keyed to match. If the match is correct the character dances to music, but stamps a foot if wrong. Snap involves two characters on boxes upon which pictures or words appear that have to be snapped by keying in a coloured area on the overlay - correct responses causing the character to dance and a plant to grow and finally flower. Incorrect responses produce a simular response in the other character.

Sound and graphics is of such high standard that the child's attention is kept and it is drawn on to the next activity. Part of The Learning Box series.


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