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Home Computing Weekly

By XORsoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #78

'John Peel' announces "Spectune" loaded and offer the demon of this all machine code musical program. Screen bottom has Spectrum keyboard, showing the redefined musical attributes, while screen top has musical stave with notes moving from right to left - causing corresponding key to glow red.

Loading main program follows - which, when done, gives access to clear and full instructions on how to use this ambitious program (which can be repeated by keying 'I'). Simple musical tuition is available, using the keyboard and stage to explain scales, note and time values, time signatures, sharps, flats and key signatures.

Menu offers: choice of crochet length, edit or write, recall a tune, tuning mode and save, load and print. The imposing learning mode has two levels, one where random nots pop up on the stave with you having to press the correct key - with three lives - and the other where you choose one of some loaded tunes and the program prints up a note at a time for you to key - with prompts, if needed.

Budding composers can write music, hear it, save it, edit it, alter it, merge two tunes and print hard copy. Try it!


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