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Nine Currant Buns
By Arrow
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

An entertaining way for the under sixes to learn the numbers six to nine, practise counting up to nine, and be introduced to addition and subtraction. The program uses a baker in a shop with a box of animated buns and three gingerbread men to teach the numbers and then to test the child. There is plenty of reinforcement of all that is learnt.

Addition is taught using an animated plus sign and various animals showing how many are to be added. Then practice in adding occurs, using an overlay. A snake replaces the subtraction sign in the demonstration of take-away and leads to the practice session.

Each activity has been well-planned, with good use made of the sound and graphics capability of the Spectrum. The child and parent would, obviously, be best employed using an activity thoroughly at one session and not race through them all just because they are loaded. Too much at one time would confuse and not educate.


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