Home Computing Weekly


Author: P.B.
Publisher: Intrigue
Machine: TI99/4A

Published in Home Computing Weekly #104

I have my doubts about the use of an individual with such a spinal deformity as the central character in such a game, despite the slender association with the historic resident of Notre Dame.

This game claims to be arcade style, which in essence means that it has the look of the arcade game but not the speed, and that can often be a telling factor in its popularity. For all that, it still manages to provide a challenge to the younger user.

The opening screen allows a choice of either joystick or keyboard control, and the facility to practice any of the 20 screens until you feel confident enough to go ahead. In essence this is! I suppose, a Kong derivative, where Quasimodo must reach a bell and ring it coping with castle guards: arrows, fireballs, and kestrels. Yes, kestrels. The ultimate goal !s the rescue of Esmerelda, who Just happens to look like a fella in this implementation. If he manages to toll the bell in each of the 20 screens, a special feature comes into play - I never found out what this might be.

If Quasi is still crouching around when the displayed bonus score has counted down to zero he loses one of his four lives regardless. The practice of screens is therefore virtually a necessity.

The graphics are quite good, but the keyboard response leaves a lot to be desired. Documentation is fairly good, and the robust packaging as usual shows a graphic quality which is clearly impossible on the 4A.


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