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Home Computing Weekly

Raging River/Super Jackpot
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

The first is actually called The Raging Amazon, and one wonders why the author gave it two titles. It is of the ski-run type: you must glide your canoe through a vertically-moving panorama. Graphics are very good, and good use has been made of colour. Hazards include fallen trees lying half submerged, rocks and man-eating alligators (who also have a penchant for canoes, it seems).

You can speed up or slow down the movement by controlling the rate at which the panorama moves past you. There are occasionally delays while a melody is played - at the beginning and whenever you fall foul of a hazard. The cassette label claims that you should aim to travel 82 miles - it can be done, it says - but I found that frequently the river was blocked completely by more than one hazard and it was quite an effort to travel just a few miles.

The second game is yet another in the fruit machine mould and, although the graphics are excellent, and every effort has been made to overcome the slowness of TI BASIC, in the end it is just as boring as all the others on the market.


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