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Home Computing Weekly

Mars Mine Lander
By H. Taylor

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

This is a sophisticated sort of Lunar Lander, but it does have a certain appeal. Life begins at the top of the screen, where five modules sit waiting to drop down under your control on to five pads at the bottom.

Between your modules and their targets are randomly-placed mines which you must avoid. You can shoot them down under certain circumstances, mostly from underneath, with your laser. As each module is successfully landed, so further mines appear, cluttering up the screen. You have a limited amount of fuel, and all manoeuvres use up vast quantities of it. If you land all five successfully, you can refuel by landing on a small mobile platform, although you are permitted only one attempt at this.

In an extreme emergency, which is a euphemism for facing total failure, you can use emergency boosters to move upwards, but as usual there is a penalty; it uses up even more fuel.

Graphics are moderately good, and the game has just the right degree of difficulty to make it reasonably challenging.


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