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Operation Moon
By Lantern

Published in Home Computing Weekly #29

I have mixed feelings about this program, whose graphic excellence is marred by apparent deficiencies (still!) in the Sprite facility of Version 110 Extended Basic.

The aim is to ferry supplies from three planet-based platforms to a mothership, avoiding collisions with an orbiting comet and confrontations with 'bloodred banshee space bats'. You can get the bats with 'glee bombs' or the comet, but you need to exercise care!

The detailed, if difficult-to-read, instructions warn that docking must be spot-on.

But on several occasions I noted either a lack of vertical movement while close, but not close enough, to the mothership (you need to back off and try again), or an apparently perfect docking, pixel for pixel, which results in an airlock opening in space on attempting unloading, hence disaster. Bugs such as these are extremely disheartening, and confusing to the novice.

The degrees of difficulty offered are 1: hardest to 10: easiest, and control is through the keyboard rather than joysticks. Although the game will interest younger players, it does not warrant its high price.


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