Tex-Bounce (Funnelweb Farm) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Funnelweb Farm

Published in Home Computing Weekly #112

I believe this is the first program I have reviewed which originates from down under. It is rather an odd sort of entertainment, perhaps best described as belonging to the "life" genre; you specify a structure, and then the computer manipulates that structure according to a set of well-defined rules.

The skill derives from the structure's longevity - the more skilful the design, the greater the longevity. In this instance, your task is to place a dozen bats or flippers on what amounts to a kind of pinball board. Once these are in place, the computer launches a series of pucks from one of four launchers, causing the puck to ricochet off the walls and bats until it expires.

Points are scored for each bat hit - which causes the bat to rotate 90 degrees - and for hitting an opponent's launcher, or for landing in the bonus cup. Points are deducted for merely hitting the walls or for landing in your own launcher, and there are other gains and losses.

A plethora of options must be selected before play commences, so it is important to read the comprehensive instruction pamphlet first. It is possible to relocate specific bats during the course of a game in order to alter the layout. One player may challenge either another player or the computer. Players who begin to register a scoring advantage are handicapped to make life more difficult for them.

All in all, an absorbing game which doesn't rely on annihilation for its entertainment.


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