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Home Computing Weekly

Music Synthesizer
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #62

This program, also available in Basic, is in two parts. The first, quite large, program is the synthesizer, and the second enables you to play the music created by the first and stored on another tape as a series of data files. I don't know how it compares with the TI module which performs a similar task, but as an amateur musician who can't read a note it held my interest and taught me a thing or two - not very difficult.

Having set up sharps and flats and chosen a tempo, you are presented with a fairly complex display consisting of the treble and bass staffs: graphics representing musical notes and options for choosing one of three notes for the 'voice' with which you will 'draw' or play.

It is possible to create music using a score which you may have bought and to produce most necessary effects - you can even transpose a voice up or down. You can play all three voices or any one independently, and once edited to your satisfaction using the usual eight direction keys, you can store on tape.

There is more to this program, and it is a very useful utility for someone who wants to produce a melody but doesn't want the chore of having to learn music in any depth.


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