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Home Computing Weekly

Sloopy's Christmas
By Sceptre

Published in Home Computing Weekly #73

This game is divided into three separate programs, each a piece in a kind of jigsaw, the completion of which leads to a special offer. Parts 1 and 2 provide you with passwords on completion, which are required before you can attempt parts 2 and 3. Unfortunately, try as I might, I could load only parts 1 and 2, and one point the company might consider is duplicate recordings. The games are simple, straightforward, and very playable, although adults are unlikely to find them appealing.

The theme centres around a character called Sloopy and his Christmas; he seems a combination of two characters: Snoopy and Droopy. The quality of the title graphics far exceeds that of the games' graphics, which are just adequate. Game 1 has you attempting to control the safe parachuting of some of Sloopy's friends, game 2 finds you engaging in a most peculiar turkey shoot, marred by tardy sprite collision checks, and game 3, which failed to load, apparently involves driving Sloopy home safely.

Instructions are adequate, although the programming could use some tightening up to take advantage of the speed of Extended Basic. Needs Extended Basic.


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