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By Intrigue

Published in Home Computing Weekly #81

The artwork and protective wallet are excellent, although the print of the instructions requires good eyesight.

The game is loaded in two sections: the program is on side one, the data files on side two. I had difficulty with this second side because an insufficient tape gap had been left between the start of the tape and the start of the data files, but I sorted it out eventually.

The length of these data files means that you cannot make mistakes while loading - it takes around eight minutes.

The instructions tell you to switch off if you experience difficulties and restart. This is unnecessary. Just rewind the tape, wait for the computer to stop with an error, exit, and then RUN again.

The aim is to manoeuvre a diver through 84 screens, searching for the Tomb of Atlantis and its secret. You collect pearls and precious stones, avoiding fish bites and trying to keep up your energy and oxygen. The minute instructions contain some hints. The presentation is quite good on screen, but TI Basic is not the fastest medium for such games. A credible effort, though.


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