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Cross Country Car Rally
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

This game is absorbing for all the wrong reasons. It has a number of poorly-trapped errors which result in bizarre situations which would have made Einstein sit up and take notice.

The aim, well documented, is to drive safely across the USA from California to New Jersey.

Sprites are used to good effect to give an almost vertiginous sense of relative movement.

You must avoid crashing into other motorists, blowing up your engine, missing detours, and the police - well, we all know what American roads are like - and you start with a lump sum of $50,000 which is eaten away by the cost of motoring, States-style.

Unless, of course, you decelerate too hard, in which case you end up travelling backwards, but not just that - you are actually travelling at a negative speed.

I found myself absorbed in the task not of playing the game, but of trying to avoid playing it - the bugs make an otherwise boring exercise unusually enjoyable. No doubt Einstein would have invoked a Special Special Theory to explain it.


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