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Home Computing Weekly

Assembler Math
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

This rather extensive program attempts the questionably-useful task of engaging the would-be Assembly language programmer in exercises involving converstion between numbering systems - specifically binary, decimal and hexadecimal - and also binary addition and subtraction.

However, although the documentation is good, it does rather tend to assume a little more knowledge on the part of the user than might normally be the case.

Ones and Twos Complement receive little attention, and the overall presentation on-screen did leave a lot to be desired at times.

It is probably that all of the exercises could have been performed equally easily using pencil and paper; the program doesn't do that much to warrant its high price tag.

A demonstration program with no explanation is given as well as the main program, which may go a little way to reducing some of the inevitable confusion.

As it has been written in TI Basic it is possible to scan the program lines - peculiarly numbered in increments of three - and there are some classic examples of inefficient use of the facilities available.


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