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Shuttle Command

Published in Home Computing Weekly #28

The astonishingly inventive use of graphics and programming in this game tends to obscure its rather nasty origin. The basis for the game is the launching by the Russians of "thousands of unmanned, unarmed, robot satellites" with the intention, cleverly uncovered by the Americans, of literally "bumping" off the naturally more peaceful American satellites. What a scream?

Your mission, of course, is to destroy all the Russki hardware. As each enemy satellite approaches, it gets bigger, and the number of points for its successful plastering diminish.

If one gets too close, it causes damage to you - mean trick, that. At 100% damage, the game ends. Points scored, damage sustained, and fuel left are displayed beneath an incredible view-port display.

The movement of both stars and satellites in response to keypresses begins to rival machine code on other machines.


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