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Home Computing Weekly

Radar Defence
By Pauline Programs

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Another in a long line of programs which urge you to defend yourself against marauding aliens. Given the deficiencies of TI Basic, the graphics and keyboard scanning are above average, although the instructions are sparse but adequate.

There are three screens of aliens attacking you one at a time - this owes more to the slowness of TI Basic than to any alien chivalry - and you control your defending base (one of three) through the keyboard. There is a force field which can be used a maximum of three times to provide protection, and you can fire at and destroy the aliens, although some do fire back. There are additional hazards in the shape of invisible aliens, but it is fairly easy to find and destroy them, especially since some cannot resist firing and giving themselves away.

The "radar" is actually more of a gimmick than any real help, often pointing in the wrong direction. The aim is to score as many points as you can but, as usual, once you stop playing and switch off, you'll have to rely on a friend to vouch for your ability.


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