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Home Computing Weekly

Hop It!
By Lantern

Published in Home Computing Weekly #41

Yet another game of Frogger, and by far the poorest that I have seen, the more so since the use of Extended Basic and sprites confers the potential for an excellent imitation.

What lets this program down very heavily is the appalling keyboard response, giving delays of up to a second.

The worst is when attempting to cross from a log to a turtle. The delay here is inconsistent, which introduces an element of chance into a game which is otherwise dependent upon manual and intellectual skills.

Although the task of getting a frog across a road and a river to a pool, avoiding hazards on the way, is not timed, it is a good graphical imitation of the real thing.

There are turtles which submerge is you leave the frog on them for too long, so if you're not a quick decision-maker you could take a long time to build up a score.

Land in a pool containing a fly, and you get bonus points, and when all the pools have frogs in them you get an extra frog and the game speeds up.


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