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Home Computing Weekly

Robin Hood
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #87

This program comes in two parts. The first program loads the graphic character definitions, and loads and runs the second. If you have a disc system you must use CALL FILES (I) before program one, otherwise program two won't load.

The textual character set is unusual but readable, and offered continuous background music, using a recently discovered programming technique. I preferred the silent option. The game may be played using either joysticks or the keyboard, but not both.

Robin Hood is pitied against a variety ,of objects. The first is an archery target and subsequent mobile objects. They include the Sheriff's men, deer and a falling apple.

The game is demanding. requiring you to visualise the trajectory of the arrow, taking into account wind speed and direction (indicated by clouds) and the bowstring tension which depends upon the length of time that the 'fire' key is held down.

I found it a difficult and frustrating game. Ten misses. each losing you five points, result in Robin's untimely demise. Unlike the original. This one has three lives, and you'll need them.

This program needs 32K and Extended BASIC.


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