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Home Computing Weekly

Crash-Up Car Racing
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #69

TI Basic rarely lends itself to car-race games because of its slow execution speed and poor response to keyboard or joystick input. This program makes a valiant attempt to imitate arcade quality graphics but, alas, fails miserably.

You can race against another player or the computer. The graphics display takes quite a time to set up, and has to be redrawn after every completed game. You can select 1 to 99 laps, accelerate and decelerate, and speed and fuel are indicated on-screen, albeit rather unclearly.

There are four reserve cars at your disposal; you will need them as it is easy to crash on the bends. There is a pit area in which you can stop, although if driving against the computer this will reduce your chance of winning to zero. You can even specify the efficiency of your pit crew.

The documentation makes this program appear more special than it is, and unfortunately this contributes to the overall impression that this is definitely not value for money.


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