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Home Computing Weekly

Bombs Away
By Lantern

Published in Home Computing Weekly #27

There are no instructions with this 6K city-bombing-type program, but initially the task is to raze to the ground 23 variable-height Empire State Buildings in order to land your aircraft safely.

Having performed this successfully, you are then taken through a range of nine other scenarios, each involving the destruction of obstacles to your landing.

When you complete the tenth, you are invited to go round again at a greater degree of difficulty. (I would have expected more than ten scenarios.) It can be quite frustrating when simple mistakes force you to being afresh!

A running score of the destruction is displayed, being higher according to the degree of difficulty selected at the game's beginning (1: easiest, 10: hardest).

Colourful use of graphics is made, and despite the speed limitations of even Version 110 Extended Basic, movement is not too slow.


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