Home Computing Weekly


Author: P.B.
Publisher: Christine Computing
Machine: TI99/4A

Published in Home Computing Weekly #48

This game is let down, as usual, by the slowness of TI Basic, and some poorly thought-out keyboard routines. There is also the additional irritation that even if you are successful you don't get anywhere; the machine still tells you "Bad Luck". There is no documentation and all instructions are in the program - which can be exasperating where there's a lot to remember. The aim is to go "tater-pickin'" at various seasons and to see how many points you can amass.

You are advised to start with summer, as the days are longer. As the sun sets, a shadow is cast gradually over your potato field, and it is curtains for you if it falls on you or you walk into it. On top of this, if you try to retrace your steps at all, you fall into a trench and die.

There are two kinds of potato, one worth extra points, and a timer ticks away at the bottom of the field. You can slow this timer down and gain valuable minutes. There seems little purpose to this game and players will soon tire of it.


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