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Spelling And Phonics Tutor
By Maple Leaf Microware

Published in Home Computing Weekly #101

This is the first program I have discovered to make use of the "Text-to-Speech" facility of the Terminal Emulator II. It provides reading and spelling exercises using words and phrases created with DATA statements.

The pace of speech output can be selected by the student to suit his or her ability. This means the gaps between words are either long or short. The words are all spoken quickly. Reward graphics with scoring provide motivation for the student.

A series of phrases is subsequently tested in a quiz. Questions are shuffled in order to increase effectiveness, unanswered questions represented at the end. The quiz doesn't finish until all questions have been correctly answered.

Phrases and words must be incorporated in DATA statements in two forms: those to be displayed, and those to be spoken. While the speech produced is adequate for the American market, it may not be suitable for the UK. There is also a lack of adequate keyboard debouncing, which could be readily provided.

This program needs Terminal Emulator II and Speech Synthesizer.


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