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Home Computing Weekly

By Harlequin

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

I had great difficulty in loading this program due to the inordinate amount of tape flutter. I hope this defect is confined to the review copy.

The object is to escape from the castle of the evil Prince Mayvar. You, Jester, must guide yourself from left to right across each screen, avoiding numerous hazards. These include rocks thrown by the prince, arrows fired by the guards, and the guards themselves. There are gaps in the battlements to be crossed by hitching a lift on a balloon.

Your score is shown on screen, and there is a bonus value which reduces as the game proceeds. As this bonus is added on completion of a screen, the faster you reach the end of the screen, the higher your bonus.

Documentation is adequate, and the cassette inlay contains some loading instructions. Some screen text is multi-coloured due to poor colour control, and although you have four lives, there are in effect only three.

This is probably best suited to the younger player as it lacks the sophistication which older players demand.

This needs Extended Basic and joysticks.


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