Home Computing Weekly

Battle Tanks

Author: P.B.
Publisher: Stainless
Machine: TI99/4A

Published in Home Computing Weekly #37

This is a two-player game for those with a bellicose nature.

You each have three tanks and the aim is to destroy your opponent's hardware.

Dividing you and your opposite number is a series of walls which you can batter down with your shells - up to three walls before your salvoes fall short and you are forced to advance.

Control of your respective tanks is through either the splitkeyboard or the joysticks, each being scanned alternately. So it would seem that the player who can keep his/her finger 'on the bun on continuously might eventually be the victor.

The choice is not made clear in the embedded instructions, but is provided in the cassette inlay.

The program does remind you to make sure that the troublesome alpha lock key is depressed before you commence battle.

The graphics are not dazzling and the instructions are printed slowly, but luckily you don't have to endure them each time round, unlike on some programs.

While it might appeal to children, it is too boring for adults, and really needs something to spice it up in order to make it worth its price tag.


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