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Home Computing Weekly

First And Last
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

This program demonstrates what can be achieved using graphics, and surpasses descriptions of excellence.

Careful use of colour and design has produced a polished chrome effect which is highly appealing.

The game has an anti-war theme, with such gems as "After each war, there is a little less democracy to save" and "The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it".

The main character is Zebediah, a wandering hippy who has had the good fortune to discover an alien machine in the desert which he uses to venture into the violent past. Zeb, not possessing a violent nature, has to be guided in jumping over signs, holes, weapons, and avoiding the low-flying clouds. Joysticks are optional.

Each screen is completed when the weapon has traversed from one side to the other, and you have three lives.

There is a Hall of Fame in which all of the entries are by someone called Frankie, for some reason. Zeb has a slow response, so skill is necessary in judging the right moment. All in all, a game which is really best suited to the younger user. This program needs Extended Basic.


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