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Home Computing Weekly

Escape From The Planet Brontitor
By Bp

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

This is a text-based adventure, supplied as two programs. On side one is the graphics title program, which does not have to be run in order to load the main adventure program on side two. In the title, good use is made of sprites, and I have seen games with less thought put into them than this.

When you load and run the adventure program, you must remember to depress the alphalock key because all commands are given in lower-case letters. Help is available by sending an SAE to BP Software.

One fault: if you obey the loading instructions given in the title program you will simply re-load that program. You must turn the cassette over and rewind it to its start before you can load the game itself. This is not made clear, and could cause confusion to someone new to computing.

Bad spelling detracts from an otherwise good adventure, which involves finding your way off the planet before it explodes within 100 T states, where each instruction takes .5 T states so you cannot afford to make any errors. This program needs Extended Basic.


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