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Home Computing Weekly

Auto Sound Utility
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

This is not for the squeamish or those unfamiliar with what a DSR is or does. It concerns a powerful facility, only recently come to light, which is interrupt-driven to provide continuous music while a program executes, in much the same way that sprites are set in motion and continue to move while the program continues. It is a sort of "music while it works".

The review copy was a bit confusing. The documentation and cassette mentioned a second version for the Mini-Memory, but I could locate only the Extended Basic version. The documentation is sparse and user-friendly. I've been an owner since early 1980 and I had headaches trying to follow the explanations.

The program was easy to crash, so you need to be careful, but if operated correctly it will provide all the necessary values to be LOADed into memory in order to produce a tune for your more sophisticated programs.

A sample program is included in the documentation which demonstrates how the resulting values can be inserted into memory by your program. This needs Extended Basic and 32K RAM expansion.


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