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Home Computing Weekly

By Absolute

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

The review copy contained no inlay card or instructions, and while firms may be eager to put their products out for review, it is vital that reviewers receive exactly what any customer will buy, especially since we have to access the instructions.

This game took some time to review for exactly these reasons. The location is a disused uranium mine, in which you are controlling a robot in an attempt to retrieve barrels of valuable ore left behind after an unspecified accident.

The radiation in the mine is such that it has mutated the insects there so that they resemble Pacmen, a fate worse than death. This radiation also affects your robot so you must be quick about it.

You have three robots and thus three attempts. Points are awarded for barrels retrieved, and as the game progresses so the radiation effect increases as do the points awarded.

The robots, by the way, bear a remarkable resemblance to those which appeared in an American science fiction film a few years ago.


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