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Home Computing Weekly

Knight Driver
By Hewson Consultants
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

We are invited to race a car around a circuit in this colourful program from Hewson. There are two levels, professional and learner with automatic option, in which the computer drives. At professional level you have five lives, one being lost each time you veer off the road, while learner mode just limits running time.

The loading screen graphically explains which four keys control speed and direction. Screen bottom visually displays fuel use; screen left is the car on the circuit and screen right repeats the control instructions. Twisty roads take us through countryside, woodland and urban areas.

Although the computer makes it look simple, even at the learner level it is extremely hard to keep the car on the tortuous, narrow roads. Points are scored each time a section is passed without incident. At the end a lengthy report prolongs the replay time.

In the professional mode fuel display is replaced by five cars displaying lives. The control are less responsive but scoring is higher.

Pity there is no hall of fame and it takes so long to replay.


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