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Hansel And Gretel
By Arrow
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

The program aims to build a child's vocabulary, to develop an ability to build words and more complex letter combinations. Educationally, too much is crammed into a graphically superb program where it would be wiser to separate practising modification of first vowel by a final '-e' from simple digraphs.

In Mend The Word Stepmother, Terrible Tree and Hansel And Gretel appear with red word endings below, with a squirrel pushing on black consonant blends. Keying blue moves the word beginning to the next group of letters, while keying pink joins the letters. If incorrect Stepmother bangs her stick, but if correct the words fall down to musical accompaniment, while children wave and eventually the Tree frightens Stepmother.

A superb dissolve leads to Make a Word Snap, where words made up by the computer from initial consonant blends and word endings appear. Overlay areas keyed represent snap for the players - no scoring or flowering plants.

Another scene repeats each activity and Spelling completes the program, using the hangman technique, with Daddy chopping tree when letters are correct.


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